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The company believes in providing quality and affordable solutions to the customers. We provide a range of water pumps, power tools & equipment, agriculture based machinery, and food processing equipments.

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Domestic Electric Water Pumps | Sprinklers | Irrigation Systems
Farm Machinery

Tea Garden Management Machinery | Harvesters | PrunersĀ 
| Cutters | Trimmers


Green Tea Processing Machinery | Packaging Machinery

The Future of Mechanization

Harvesting machines will replace manual plucking in tea gardens. But it is important that the people who operate these machines know how to use them. Knowing the product well will help in lowering maintenance costs and accidental damage by the user.,
Tea Gardens and Small Tea Growers or Single Users must understand the technical aspects, usage and applications of Tea Harvesters and other machines. Machines before operation require understanding of the do's & do not's of maintaining 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines, proper usage of clean fuel and engine oil for running the machine, regular lubrication of all parts and components of the machine by the user. The user must also take care and avoid mishandling for longer life of the machine. ,
Use of Tea Garden Management machinery can drastically increase your production and reduce costs. These machines include Single Man Tea Harvesters, Two Man Tea Harvesters, Pruners & Trimmers etc.,

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